Say goodbye to the irritating tropical heat

It’s not that easy living in a country located in the tropical region. Sure, it has its beauties but it also has its consequences like absorbing too much ultraviolet and heat from the sun which affects us not only physically, but also mentally.

 But fortunately for us, there’s an answer to that problem and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Ever heard of the term “Outdoor Cooling System”? Well you’re about to. Introducing the Polarmist Outdoor Cooling System, a device that pumps water through high-pressure nozzles creating ultra-thin droplets sprayed into the air, allowing air to humidify and produce a more cool and refreshing ambiance for your convenience.

It can provide benefits to almost anywhere you want it to be. May it be Schools, Farms, Outdoor Malls, Alfresco-style Restaurants, Events Places, or even your Garden. This piece of art is the escape millions of people needed to get away from the exhausting heat we face almost every day.


To enlighten you further, here are some of the benefits you may get:

  1. Cooling Effect

Helps humidify the air which in return makes the air cool, leaving the users feel cool and fresh.


  1. Ventilation

Provides establishments a proper ventilation making it relaxing and suitable for customer and/or employees’ experience. Also, applicable to livestock to keep animals healthy and in proper condition.

  1. Dust Suppression

Prevents dust dispersal in all establishments whether it is indoor or outdoor. Thus, helping users save maintenance cost and time in cleaning.


  1. Lower Electricity Cost

No need to use multiple fans and air-conditioning units just to keep a cool ambiance. Polarmist can provide you the same effect with just using one unit and a couple of nozzles.


You see, having one of this dazzling cooling system will surely give you something to look forward to when it comes to making your place cool with just a slight touch of a button.

Whether it’s in your house garden, outdoor malls, or wherever with your friends or family – you will surely enjoy every moment shared with the Polarmist Cooling System. With Polarmist, you will sure feel the winter breeze.

Why let the sun’s heat beat you when you can have yours now? For inquiries, you may reach us at 403-9811 to 20 or email us at


Mark Ranzel P. De Jesus


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