How Providing your Customers with Free Wifi can Help your Business


“Do you have WiFi?”

                This is a question we often hear nowadays when going to certain establishments. Today, Internet connection is definitely a basic necessity for all. Every demographic type of consumer tends to seek it everywhere they go – this is the key reason why most business establishments offer its customers free WiFi services.

                Here are some factors on how providing free WiFi services can help your business:

  1. Increased Foot Traffic

At present, businesses are alike with each other because of high competition. To be able to differentiate one business from another, one must offer a certain free service to attract more customers. Offering free WiFi service is a good technique, not only in retaining your existing and loyal customers, but also to widen your reach of prospective consumers.

  1. More Time Spent At Your Business

According to a Small Business Trends Report, 62% of businesses observed that customers spend more time in their premises when a free WiFi service is offered. They will possibly spend more because of staying longer at your shop or store.

For some people, increased time staying in their premises is a great thing. However, there are establishments that may not want customers overstaying. If that is the case, WG-500 P is a choice worthy of considering. You can still use WiFi to attract customers, but you can set up accounts, so that the each user’s time and bandwidth are customizable according to your preferences. Consider this idea if you want new customers but want to prevent squatting.

  1. Boosts Customer Spending

Customers value a brand when the business gives importance to them. When you provide free WiFi service to your customers, they are more likely to spend more on your products or services, simply as a return in providing them a valuable service. In addition to that, you’re allowing your customers to browse more of your products and services.


  1. Improves Customer Service

If you leave a lasting good impression on your customers and you exceeded their expectations of your service, there is a high chance that they will come back to your store and refer your business to other people.  You’re adding value for your customers by offering free WiFi service.

  1. Enhances Your Marketing Strategy

You can enhance your business’ marketing strategy by maximizing your free WiFi service. You can request customers first to provide their email address before they can access the free WiFi service. All the information collected can be used for future references for your marketing activities. You can also redirect your log in page to your company’s website; in this way, you will drive more traffic to your website.


                Customers desire connectivity. In reality, consistent and stable internet access is no longer a want but an increasing need for consumers. Consumer-based businesses that are not following the trend of providing free WiFi service will soon find themselves at a competitive drawback.


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