The New Wireless Audio: Hylex WDA-30



Hylex Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based manufacturing company.

Specializing in high quality audio systems such as Paging Systems, Amplifiers, UHF Wireless Speakers, and Portable Sound Systems, Hylex has been around the industry for the past 20 years.

Its newest product, the WDA-30, is one of the most advanced speakers available in the market. With a remote capability of 100m transmission distance radius, you can literally move around the entire area without any restriction.


The WDA-30 is a UHF PL Diversity Wireless Audio Transmission System, which allows users to use an audio amplification system without any kind of installation to be done every time there is a presentation.

This is because it has the capability to recognize radio frequencies from wireless microphones.

Being able to be remotely controlled provides the ease and efficiency required in using an installed speaker, as it turns itself on when a nearby microphone is sensed. It also turns itself off after two minutes of idle time.

The product is designed for classrooms and conference areas wherein the most common of problems is when teachers/speakers/instructors/trainers have soft or subtle voices, resulting to the audience absorbing only minimal information or gradually showing less interest.

The normal solution would be to put up a speaker and a mic which should be set up every day, but this limits the movements that could be done and wastes a lot of time.

With the WDA-30, the problem of soft voices is solved without sacrificing time and movement ability as the microphone is wireless and the speakers have a wide detection radius.

The only thing the teachers or speakers need to do is to turn on the mic, and everything is ready!



With its practical plug-and-play feature, all you have to do is mount the speaker, plug it in, turn the mic on, and speak up.

Let Hylex WDA-30 do the talking for you.


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