Power up your desktop computing with vCloudPoint Zero Client

The use of zero clients greatly simplifies computer network management, because software issues can be handled on a single server instead of on every individual PC workstation.

However, there are more reasons that prove that switching from the traditional PC set-up to zero client is a wise move.

Here are some of those:

Rich Multimedia Support

Through vCloudPoint’s innovative Dynamic Desktop Protocol (DDP), users will experience real PC-quality videos scaled up to 1920×1080 resolution at full frame rates, without requiring a thin or zero client with media player and codec support. The video content can be played either through standalone media players or embedded into web pages in any present and future format.

Reliable & High Quality Audio

In vCloudPoint’s zero client, instead of using Windows built-in audio for remote desktops, it uses specific virtual audio technology which enables reliable audio playing and recording in any Windows system. It reduces transfer delay to 0.1-0.2 second- 1/20 of that by RDP and uses a sample rate at 44.1 KHz. This is used in professional music production to further achieve high quality and synchronized audio.

Broad USB Peripherals Support

With just a native Windows driver required, vCloudPoint zero clients use its transparent USB technology wherein peripherals never require specialized client drivers to work. It supports a wide range of USB devices including memory device, headphone, printer, scanner, touch screen, U key, card reader, and USB converters. These USB devices are compatible and reliable with all Windows systems; whenever and however you attach them to the zero clients, they are fully functional.

Secure User Isolation

Each vCloudPoint user has his/her private workspace which cannot be accessed by other users, while the rest of the disk partitions can still be configured as visible or invisible to users. This is because the vMatrix Server software overcomes the privacy weakness of traditional sharing solution. It also brings high security to every user with a self-owned workspace, as well as increased efficiency with a shared center.

Customizable User Experience

vCloudPoint’s DDP technology allows administrators to customize user experience to meet requirements in different scenarios. The Administrator can use the default settings for delivering the richest computing experience to users. He can also switch to the “balanced” setting for reducing the consumption of host resources while enabling smooth HD video playback, or the “economic” setting for maximizing the number of working users.

Useful Auxiliary Tools

Besides the general user and desktop management, IT administrators can broadcast his desktop to the endpoint users, communicate with them through the internal Chatting Tool, provide support through monitoring and control over the endpoint desktop and still more future tools and functions that are available with free updates. The vMatrix Management Center provides the IT administrators a user-friendly interface with increased manageability.

Simple to Set Up and Use

The vCloudPoint zero client provides a hands-on working experience to users. Its login interface allows the discovery and inventory of in-LAN hosts and automatic login. There is only the server suite software to run on the host computer for setting up the system. The whole installation process is just a few next-and-finish steps plus user creation. Whether it is a 100- or 1000-seat deployment, it can be completed in just a few minutes. Only with a click-on, they are ready to work.

Source: (http://www.vcloudpoint.com/)


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