3 Reasons Why This PA System Is Right For You

Choosing the right speaker for you to buy is not that easy as it looks.

Variety of brands have emerged since day one and as you look around now, you can see different kinds of speakers whether you’re at home, office, mall, church, and anywhere else.

Suddenly, it’s difficult for us to choose which speaker will fit well with our standards.
To make it easy for you, here are some applaudable qualities from Senrun and Hylex systems that you might be looking for:

High Efficiency Output Power with Original Sound Quality


Senrun’s two-way portable speaker system is compact, lightweight, and very powerful with 50W to 180W, while for Hylex it can reach to about 200W of output power which is designed to deliver exceptional audio performance anywhere, so that your audience will clearly understand what you are trying to say. These are the perfect fit for schools, business presentations, seminars, and other relevant activities.

Senrun also provides the power to drive and ensure the necessary treble compression; with 1 dome tweeter and 10” Neodymium woofer, these will surely make your speeches be heard. It also comes with a new energy saving technology and intelligent charger system with 4 stages electrical LED display that indicates the battery status.

Streamline Style Design

Senrun speakers have built in 10” woofer (Hylex has 15”) and 1” tweeter driver to build high-quality sound effect system. Its function panel is designed for wireless microphone receiver, digital player, and auto reverse cassette tape recorder.

The panel configuration consists of two sets of ¼ Din wireless microphone receiver module using UHF PLL system and invisible antenna, which make the usage of wireless microphone more convenient. It comes with a built-in invisible press up handle and facilitates the design of the wheels for it to be carried and maneuvered easier by users.

Stylish in shape and ready to mobilize for activities

Users will surely enjoy these light-weight Senrun models with built-in smart charger system which takes only 4.5 hours to reach its full capacity. They reduce the user’s burden and inconvenience after long hours of usage.

It is designed with one shoulder strap that makes it easier to carry around – may it be indoor or outdoor – and it can also be hand carried, so it is effortless for a user to handle.

Moreover, the body is made of plastic-steel, making it easier to clean from stains. The design is suitable for teaching in schools and speaking in outdoor activities, community assemblies, business presentations, exhibition events, product promotions, election speeches, and the like.

With all this information discussed, I hope it gave you an idea on which PA System to pick the next time you look for one. For further details and concerns, you may visit our website http://www.cosmotech.com.ph, call 403-9811 to 20, or email us at sales@cosmotech.com.ph.


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