The Master is Back: Supremosoft Launches Integra HRIS Payroll Master



After 10 years of research and expertise on software development, after releasing 6 successful versions of the Integra Payroll Master used by thousands of private companies and big government agencies in the Philippines, after gathering all positive and negative feedbacks from our beloved customers about our software, Supremosoft Corporation is back again, introducing yet another revolutionary product that will make HR work easier.

Introducing the Integra HRIS Payroll Master, our BEST payroll master YET. Unlike our previous payroll softwares, the Integra HRIS Payroll Master has so much more features and special functions that can be useful for every type of company whether it’s a micro, small, medium, or big company.

The software has helpful features that can ease the ache of payroll processing and timekeeping in just a click. Having bulks of folders managing your HR-related work is stressful, but you can change this scenario by using a user-friendly, modern, and well-structured payroll management software.

Best of all? It’s in the cloud. This means that payroll can be done now—anytime, anywhere! The portal will always be available for access from any device, whether it be PC, laptop, tablet or even mobile.

Haven’t convinced you to switch yet? Here are some more information about the all new Integra HRIS Payroll Master:

Customizable Features

Customizable dashboard? It’s like doodling in a paper. Yes, it’s that easy to manipulate and customize your dashboard just by dragging that widgets where ever you want to place it. Users can instantly view by adding and removing various widgets such as Birthday Celebrants, On Leave Employees, Absenteeism and Tardiness Bar Graph, Monthly Net Pay Summary, Salary Adjustment tracker, and many more.

Complete Employee Module

Imagine having hundreds of employees, and you’re still managing their information manually. How many folders could possibly be strewn all over your workspace? Technology has absolutely turned the tables for us as now, we have software where we can easily import data and retrieve them when needed.

HR Personnel can effortlessly manage and maintain comprehensive employee information like complete Personal Data Information, Employee 201 File, and Employment Details among others. In this module, you can also freely attach multiple files such as scanned documents, photos, and spreadsheets in the Employee 201 File module.

Swift Payroll Processing

Process payroll for hundreds or thousands of employees in a minute? Integra HRIS Payroll Master made it possible for you. Yes, for you! The team behind its production believed that every HR personnel deserves to process payroll with no hassle. Thus, giving them more time to attend other HR activities. See? It gives users a less complicated life.

Top Notch Security

Everybody wants their privacy, especially when it comes to their own personal data. Just like what you and your employees needed, Integra HRIS Payroll Master is hosted in Amazon Web Services which can guarantee you a top-notch security leaving all your data locked and secured.

With all these information, next time you’ll know what to look for if you’re having a hard time processing your company’s payroll. Integra HRIS Payroll Master might just be the change you and your company need.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a change, switch to cloud! 

Oh, did we mention there’s a FREE version? Yes, absolutely free.

Sign up now at and check out the Master yourself.


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