Reasons to Use a Wormhole Switch rather than a USB Flashdrive

Have you ever wondered if there’s another way of transferring unlimited files without using a USB flashdrive? Are you always in a constant battle with those pesky viruses that keep on sneaking up in your USB?

Well, there is a solution to your problem.

Ever heard of wormholes? No, not that thing you see in sci-fi movies like Star Trek and Back to the Future, but we’re talking about Wormhole Switches.

What is it, you ask? A Wormhole Switch is basically a transfer cable device used to connect two computers to enable limitless file sharing or transferring. Think of it as this invisible bridge where your data travels from one computer to another.

Here are three reasons for you to choose a Wormhole Switch over USB:

Simple Plug & Play

With the word “SIMPLE” itself, you can say that using the device will give you no headaches. Simply plug it into your computer and run the start-up program, and VOILA! Let the magic begin. You can now transfer files by dragging them one by one or by a folder to the other platform’s desktop. It’s mind blowing, I promise you.

Share, Back-Up, and Transfer Limitless Files


Another awesome thing about using a wormhole switch is that it allows you to transfer unlimited numbers of files whether it may be videos, pictures, important documents, and programs.

 If you’re in an office or school and your seatmate needs files from you for a big project, quickly plug both ends to the computers and transfer away! This definitely saves time compared to inserting and removing flash drives once, twice, thrice, or more, especially when transferring large files.

 Plus, using wormhole switches lets you avoid acquiring viruses transferred through USB devices.


Compatibility is not a problem at all. You can use a Wormhole Switch across multiple platforms without breaking a sweat. Simply plug the cable into Device A and Device B, and you’re ready to go! Drag and drop or copy and paste files across Windows to Windows or Mac to Mac easily.

A Wormhole Switch even has direct transfers between Mac and Windows. You see? Who says compatibility is hard to find? Unless it’s you and your crush, then that’s a different argument.

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, the Wormhole Switch is the best transfer device buddy you’ve been longing for in your life.


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