One Fingerprint Away

No matter how we try to be creative with our password, there will always be possibilities for it to be hacked.

Nowadays, words are not secured as we think they are. Words can make or break us. The same goes with our passwords – we can never be fully protected from malicious intruders.

More importantly if we have critical documents, data, files, and information that we are highly for non-disclosure, being hacked definitely cause a hassle to everything that we are saving, keeping, and protecting.

We have to armor our passwords by mixing up characters. There are combinations that we thought could shield us from being troubled by unwanted threats. This is inevitably a cybercrime.

It’s good news that the power and protection that we are looking for  surprisingly and literally in our hands.

We are now fingerprint away.


Introducing the VIRDI BioSeal-P, a fingerprint PC login security, point of sale (POS), banking, identity management, computing, emails, and social media accounts.

There are 10 different sets of login credentials and over 4,000 characters of data for each fingerprint template. Moreover, it has a USB connection and can work in a Windows, Apple, or Linux OS.


See? We no longer need to worry about hackers who want to invade our accounts in work or in our private information – unless they have the same fingerprints as us, of course! But that’s the beauty of biometrics – our fingerprints are uniquely our own, and nobody can intrude in our private accounts. With the alarmingly fast pace that technology is moving right now, there’s no such thing as being too safe because we need to be more vigilant and protective of our information.

We don’t have to settle for those random password authentications anymore.

Let your hands be the key with just one press away!

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