Integra HRIS: The Employee’s Best Friend

We value our employees as they are the heart of the company. Without them, it’s almost impossible to operate the business. Manpower is everything, and employees are everything because of that.

Satisfying, compensating, and giving them the benefits that they truly deserve would make our employees stay in the company. Their happiness is highly significant for them to remain motivated and to give their best effort to contribute to the progression of our business.

Employees want and need something that they can count on – something that is trust-worthy enough when they have concerns, problems, and clarifications in regards to their rights in the company.

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Enter the Integra Human Resource Information System (HRIS), a system that provides transparency to every employee that we ultimately care for. It can serve as their best friend and a guide to their profile, important information, non-disclosure aspects of their employment, log-in and log-outs, and VL/SL to name a few.

In a brief manner, Integra HRIS offers new modules to be added in the software to give you and your employees more opportunities to work on each core function. This will make HR-related activities to be more highly valued and fulfilling for any practitioner.

Integra HRIS is also an employee-friendly network and a possible reference for employees’ inquiries regarding their time in and time out, employment, health, and other aspects. It could be a problem-solver for leaders for their employees to attain a harmonious work environment in their companies.

Now, the managers and staff can focus more on their core functions than perform tedious chores such as monitoring of voluminous and data-rich aspects. Reducing the time they spend on HR tasks will give them more opportunities for other relevant issues such as the creation of strategies in employees’ career development.

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