Multipoint Workstation System

A Multipoint Workstation System creates a low-cost, energy-efficient alternative to the usual setups where each user has their own computer and CPU unit. MCT provides a user-friendly system where you won’t need full computers for everyone who will connect; each user requires only a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse.

So how does it work?

One computer serves as a host to multiple workstations.

It’s as simple as that.

The system allows an administrator to monitor and control all the workstations without leaving his/her area using this one computer. He/she can work effectively, efficiently and maximize his/her working time. Note that the PC can still work independently and function like a computer.

Using this type of system is ideal specifically in education. Students don’t just need to read from books; interactive learning through computers must also apply. They use it for their assignments and quizzes and other information that can help them.

Teachers, on the other side, have the main server wherein they can control the workstations connected to it. He/she can easily manage student accounts, install an application once, and see it appear automatically on all users. He/she can also navigate each pupil’s workstation straight from the PC and check the students’ work even without leaving his/her place.

The Multipoint Workstation system works to provide better-quality education and a richer learning experience for all students.


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