Cosmotech, Helping You Prepare for the Future

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Founded in 1994, Cosmotech Philippines, Inc. has developed over the years to be the successful company it is known today. It continues to offer a strong selection of systems and technology expertise in the field of Information Technology, Building Management Solutions, and Software Development and Customization.

The company integrates hardware and software by developing solutions that are suitable for its clients’ needs. It has a vast variety of products to offer – from projectors, CCTV cameras, biometric devices, and fire detection and alarm systems, to payroll software to computer peripherals and hotspot service products – to deliver you top-of-the-line products and services.

Aiming to provide superior products and services by developing innovations and solutions through building straightforward and truthful partnership with our customers and our suppliers, Cosmotech wants to build a community which serves clients and provides them convenient living and a safe and secure environment.

Cosmotech aspires to inform its clients about the company’s products and services through delivering information regarding a product’s use, various step-by-step procedures, installation, how to use a product more efficiently, and providing news about product and company updates. In this manner, Cosmotech can share enough knowledge to its clients about the standards that it upholds, establish customer relationships effectively, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Your premier integrator and distributor in the field of Information Technology specializing in Audio-Visual Equipment and System Solutions and Software Development and Customization

“We pledge to serve you at any stretch.”

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