Uses of Biometrics

Security has been a very prominent topic here at Cosmotech Blog, we’ve discussed, CCTV Networks, Fire Alarms, and today, we will be discussing Biometric Devices.  Unlike common knowledge, biometric systems are not limited to security use.  In fact, Apple, Inc.’s iPhone releases starting from iPhone 5 has a biometric device installed within.  That’s right; the Fingerprint Scanner feature installed within iPhone device which users use to unlock their phones is a biometric device.


Door Access, File Security, and Password Encryption among other things are some of its most efficient uses, and these, fall under security.  However, there is a lot of potential to this technology than that, one example is Time-in Attendance, the use of this, is starting to emerge too, unlike the bundy clock which could be easily cheated on, Timing-in via fingerprint would be the most reliable to every employer – it’s hard to cheat fingerprints since it’s unique from person to person.

Another one is fingerprint gesturing which may allow one to designate different responses for each finger scanned.  One potential use for this is an integrated network of electronic appliances that could be switched on and off depending on the fingerprint scanned.

The next is vote verification – validation of election votes are a lot more secure when no one could make double entries.  Actually, the possibilities for biometrics are limitless, some you could even find funny but when thought about seriously, it just might work, vehicle engine start-up, fridge door-lock, monetary transfers – ATM Card substitute – and a lot more one should just think about the need for it.


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