Integrating Different Products for BMS

Building, management, and solution, these three words determine a series of systems dedicated to utilize and give ease to the maintenance requirements of a single establishment housing hundreds, even thousands, of people. It offers the capability to monitor security, safety, even energy consumption and power


1. Fire Detection and Alarm System

Having a Fire Detection and Alarm System here in the Philippines – be it a commercial establishment or a home – is a definite need, especially during the summer. This kind of system provides a lot of security assurance for the sake of personal safety as well as the others’. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems provides the ability to immediately recognize short circuits/cut lines and all other kinds of faulty wiring in the system and isolate it from the rest as precaution. Also, aside from being able to detect fire either via smoke, heat, and infrared, an FDAS is capable of recognizing the presence of a power supply as well as hydro pumps that provide emergency response should fire occur.



2. Security

Aside from fire prevention, security is a definite must-have for all establishments especially when there’re confidential details (i.e. financial statements, business assets) to be protected and hidden from unauthorized access. With the help of Closed-Circuit Television Networks providing security details to those, which are extremely valuable and confidential.

Solar panel


3. Solar Panel

And finally, it’s not enough to simply have control over safety and security, gaining the ability to maintain your own “power plant” by having your own Solar Power Plant right at your rooftop. Solar Power is a great way to conserve and supply energy. An on-grid power plant installation allows priority of power supply to the entire establishment, which allows support from the local power grid (e.g. Meralco) should there be insufficiency. Also, in any case that the energy generated by the solar plant is excessive, it could deliver its unneeded supply to the local grid as support to other consumers.

These series of systems provide utmost protection and support to an entire establishment and could provide everything a building need. This is what a Building Management Solution is capable of. It’s not simply about monitoring; it’s for everybody’s own good.


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