Applications of Public Address System and Paging System

In the age of information, we have a multitude of ways to receive and disseminate it, but there is still a question of assurance. How do we know if the message we need to relay is not filtered, is pure, is correct in essence? We must be careful in not putting the significance of communication and its channels out of the picture.

Communicating a message effectively to an individual or a large volume of people is essential, especially in emergency cases or big gatherings in an outdoor venue. Equipment and the system you need to deliver your message must be taken into heavy consideration.

To transmit audio in any setting whether it is in school, in the office, auditoriums, or stadiums, we have the Paging System and Public Address System (PA System).

Basically, the two systems are similar, and their differences are not that quite precise. The Paging System is more of on the broadcasting and speech amplification side. Though the PA system can also be used for speech amplification, they can be utilized to play music as well. However, the Paging System requires a complicated installation because of the many areas for the speakers and wires to pass through. Examples of establishments include hotels and university campuses. As for the PA System, it is simple and straightforward to use.

The Hylex PA System consists of the master and slave speakers that can transmit wirelessly, while Senrun is battery-operated, so you can go anywhere and use it as long as the batteries are fully charged. Senrun also has a DVD player, so you can record all the files you need and play them without having to worry about pressing a button to go to the next file/song.

In contrast, you can have much more flexibility with the Paging System if you plan to install an audio amplification system. You can play a particular audio file (i.e. a school announcement targeted only for the Engineering and Mathematics Department) in a specific zone, so that not all the areas in the building/campus will hear the announcement. This can be achieved through a feature called zone selector which is present in both ITC and Hylex systems.

Nevertheless, both systems have the same applications. You can use the Public Address System and Paging System in the following:

1) Schools

dlsu(Photo credit:

You can time your school bells or daily announcements with the Music Timer, so you can carry on with your responsibilities with the assurance that all your needed audio files will be played. Likewise, you have the option to record your voice to MP3 files and play them afterwards when the announcement must be made as soon as possible. Moreover, kids can produce their own radio broadcasting show in the school by learning how to simply operate the microphone. Paging and PA Systems are also immensely convenient during emergency situations wherein everyone must be alerted immediately.

2) Music

ipod_touch_5_colors(Photo credit:

Enliven the mood of the workplace by playing music with the Music Timer. Plug in an MP3 player, and see how your playlist for the day helps in making employees more productive and positive in their work performance.

3) Offices

Russia-Visa-Office(Photo credit:

Back up the inter-office memos to make sure that the information has been disseminated correctly and at the right time. Announce your message as an urgent reminder for all employees.

4) Emergencies

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Support your Fire Detection and Alarm System with your audio system, so you can give feedback/response to the people in a certain area to remain calm and evacuate. You can also have your pre-recorded files for emergencies to play when the situation demands it.

5) Large Venues


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Whether it you are planning athletic events in stadiums or gatherings and movements in an outdoor venue, use your audio system to rise above the external noise and produce your message as audibly as possible for every individual. One slight error in delivering the message can alter its meaning or urgency. Also, give more excitement and dynamics to competitions by joining both music and speech while announcing the winners. Give your instructions clearly as well at the start of a sporting event to avoid misinterpretation or lack of communication.


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