3 Ways to Utilize Your CCTV Network

In the previous article, we discussed the different ways on how to use CCTVs as well as how these camera systems are commonly used. Today, we will be discussing the different aspects to consider to utilize a Closed-Circuit Television System. There are lots of ways to utilize a CCTV network but for now, let’s start with three things: Location, Staff, and Control.


camera-positioning-height-and-location[photo credit:www.lorextechnology.com]

1. Location

Placings of CCTV cameras should be put into account when installing a CCTV network. First to consider is the geography of the estblishment, is it narrow? Is it wide? Is it a walkway? Is it an open area? these variables should be considered when when setting-up cameras. Camera angle should also be considered as it should be able to serve the networks purpose, setting up a camera on an angle where it wouldn’t be able to view certain events or objects is as good as setting it up an accesory, much more a waste of electricty. Last, but not the least, the amount of light in the area should also be put into consideration, setting-up a camera without any light enhancement device on a pitch black location would be definitely useless.


CCTV-Cameras[photo credit: selectonesecurity.com]

2. Staff

CCTVs are meant to be used to monitor things as they happen, recordings of events should be used only for investigations or when demanded by authorities. On the other hand, it’s hard to be always on the lookout for events when there are more pressing tasks at hand, all demanded to be finished at a given time. For this, people should be placed on monitoring areas or security centers for the sole purpose of keeping tabs on the things being shot in the video surveillance and report it to those in-charge of the corresponding scenarios. These people are also expected to provide reports by the end of the day. This will make it easier for reviews to be done as it could serve as a summary of the events for the said day.

panasonic_cctv_thief [photo credit: theinspirationroom.com]

3. Control

There are different ways for a CCTV camera to work. First, it may be fixed, where it does not change its angle or move, or second, it may be moving which could either be triggered by a motion-sensor programmed to follow a designated object or triggered by an internal timer or manually controlled from the security center to conduct an in-depth observation of the events. These settings should be considered in accordance to the location of the cameras as well as the kind of event it would observe.


For our next entry, we will be identifying the different types of CCTVs as well as their purposes. We will also be putting up some recommendations in which kind of camera to use as well as the basic specifications you might want to know.



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