4 Uses of CCTVs You Should Know About

CCTVs or Closed-Circuit Televisions can be seen anywhere in our society. People from all industries whether public or private have found uses for it, mostly intending to improve the performances of their firms. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should get CCTV’s now:


istock_000010827673large[photo credit: drdianehamilton.wordpress.com]

Now we all know how hard it is to manage your own business, lots of paperwork, meetings, budgeting, but the most stressing of all is people management. As an entrepreneur, or a team leader, you would always want to know what are the activities being done by people under your authority in order to utilize your overall performances. CCTVs can be used in this manner, installation of CCTVs within office premises are no longer surprising in firms, they do these with the sole purpose of protecting the confidential matters of the company, making sure that no outsider gets in without permission. What people don’t know is they could use CCTVs to manage their people.


EmployeesatSandonDock[photo credit: corporate.unitedutilities.com]

See who got in or left early, who’s absent. Keep tabs more often and you’ll get a chance to see who’s slacking off, know who’s not doing their job, and check if they’re in places where they shouldn’t be. With CCTVs installed, you’ll be able to monitor your people and help them if they’re having trouble performing their daily tasks.


NEC_controlrooom28[photo credit: www.djmag.ru]

CCTVs are commonly used in providing security measures, and they are being used in parking areas to prevent car theft and in banks to identify suspects in case of criminal acts. But that was before; these days, CCTV installations can also be seen both outside and inside establishments. Several establishments put cameras not just in their store facade but also in the whole vicinity of the area, hence, increasing the chances of preventing unnecessary events before they happen.



CFP449217603-1-1024x634[photo credit: www.cctv-america.tv]

These days, you may now use CCTVs as a means to monitor traffic flow in major roadways within cities. Motorists and commuters found this useful as it allows them to plan their routes on their way to work. Authorities, on the other hand, are allowed to see vehicular accidents, thus improving their response time to prevent traffic jams. Several improvements for this use have already been taken: Smartphone applications now also exist to view traffic flows in real-time display via internet; web pages now also allow simultaneous viewing of traffic flows, as well as keeping tabs on locations whether its traffic flow is light, moderate or heavy.

Thank you for reading and we hope found this article useful.

In the next article, we will be discussing on how to utilize your CCTV network.


3 thoughts on “4 Uses of CCTVs You Should Know About

  1. I love to knw more studies abt CCtv. Programs. In nigeria ihave gone through d installation n am thinking bigger now on hw to start distribution of. The prodUcts. How can ur company be of help to my vision?

  2. Very Nice Article . Now the people are getting more and more willing to install CCTV and other security systems at Home . These article will help them getting out the best solution out of their cctv system.
    Ajay K Dubey
    Brickwood Security Systems

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